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Full-Service Real Estate Group

In addition to our expertise in estate planning, probate, and business matters, the attorneys at Serva Law Group bring over 20 years of experience as licensed real estate brokers. This unique background provides us with a distinctive perspective, as many of the challenges encountered in real estate planning overlap with those in real estate transactions. Leveraging our profound knowledge of real estate law, we offer our clients invaluable insights that may not typically be available when working with other professionals.

Furthermore, our commitment to client support extends beyond the sale's completion. We remain dedicated to assisting our clients in ensuring proper property title management and thorough preparation for their future as property owners. For instance, if you're in the market to purchase a residential or investment property, our services go beyond helping you find your ideal property. Once the purchase is finalized, you will receive a professionally drafted Living Trust or LLC, designed to protect your property, at no additional cost. This level of comprehensive service, protecting both your home and your family, can only be provided by a Realtor® who is also an attorney. Learn more about our estate planning services.

Skilled Help for All Your Real Estate Transactions

The attorneys at Serva Law Group work with commercial, industrial, and multifamily property owners and investors.

We can provide support in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale, and Intra-Family Transfers: Whether you’re purchasing or selling investment properties, these transactions can be intricate and require caution. We can also guide you through off-market private real estate sales. Additionally, we can advise on issues and strategies around Prop 13 and Prop 19, particularly the consequences of transferring a property from family member to family member.
  • Entity Formation: We help protect your personal and business assets while maximizing tax benefits through the use of entities like LLCs to manage your real estate investments or business operations.
  • Real Estate Financing:  Our services include negotiating and managing the loan application process for your upcoming deals. We offer valuable insights into real property and assist you in identifying suitable loan options to secure funding.
  • 1031 Exchanges: We advise owners of investment property “swap” (or exchange) it for another property while deferring the capital gains tax.
  • Construction Contracts:Drafting a robust construction contract can mitigate potential disputes down the line. We provide professional advice on structuring contracts that protect you and your company.
  • Lease Agreements:We negotiate lease agreements to align the parties’ interests, minimizing risks, and maximizing returns.
  • Government:Whether you’re involved in a development project or managing an existing property, you may encounter government-related issues. We are skilled at resolving these matters.
  • Incorporating Real Estate into Your Estate Plan.Properly integrating real estate into your estate plan is crucial. A well-structured estate plan, including appropriate Trusts, can secure the future of your loved ones and minimize related taxes, which is especially significant for real estate assets. This ensures your wishes are upheld after your passing and prevents your family from going through probate court.

Real Estate Entity Formation: LLCs and Partnerships

When forming an entity for real estate ownership, one of the initial and crucial steps is determining the most suitable entity type and subsequently forming it. Real estate investors typically consider several common ownership structures, including limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships, and general partnerships. For operational businesses like management companies, corporations are often preferred.

Whether you're an individual investor, or have one or more partners, consulting a real estate attorney skilled in conducting comprehensive analyses is essential. Making the right choice from the outset is vital because later modifications can lead to undesirable legal and tax ramifications. We can help investors proactively avoid such issues.

The selection of the optimal ownership entity involves a thorough evaluation of various business and tax considerations. Business factors encompass the ease or complexity of formation, associated formation costs, matters related to management and control, authority of owners and management, owners' liability for business obligations, transferability of interests, business continuity, and the number of involved participants. Tax-related aspects are typically addressed in collaboration with a tax advisor. A real estate attorney with extensive experience in real estate investor law can significantly influence a business's early success.

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